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This is more than two percentage points more than

Le 16 October 2017, 05:35 dans Humeurs 0


The rate of Hispanic women having children in the national capital region is outpacing the rate that black and white women are having kids, according to U.


"Hispanic cultures in other places show similar traits," he said.3 percent had children.


The numbers are another indication from the Census that the Hispanic population in the region is growing more quickly than the white and black populations.


By comparison, of the 156,355 Hispanic women in this group, 8. [Assimilation] continues until the differences [between ethnic groups] are smaller.


These numbers do not indicate Hispanics will overtake blacks as the largest minority population in the region, said Stephen Fuller of the Center for Regional Analysis at George Mason, or that blacks and Hispanics will combine to overtake the white population, making the majority the minority.


According to the Census, 5. Figures released earlier this year also showed a far greater number of Hispanic children under 5 years old than white and black children. "Every other immigrant group has changed to be more like the people who were already here. "They’re of child-bearing age, they’re less educated and they’re Catholic," and are less likely to use birth control, he said. They do indicate, however, that there are many young Hispanic immigrants in the area who are having children, and that the white and black populations are beginning to share characteristics like an increasing age and decreasing procreation rate.2 percent of 760,860 white women aged 15 to 50 in the region had children in the last year. Of the 387,719 black women in this group, 5. Census Bureau statistics released Tuesday.6 percent Tripode had children."

This is more than two percentage points more than black women, and nearly three more than white women.4 percent of white women, 6 percent of black women and 8 percent of Hispanic women having children in the last year.

Fuller said these numbers also indicate the place of children in Hispanic families, but the trend is likely to change

This has been a learning experience forme and this agency

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  Hennegan said Miranda rights were not legally required when a suspect blurts out a confession before being arrested. "There are some changes we could make and hopefully this will by a catalyst for that. 1, 2006, when she slammed her pickup into 55-year-old Marjorie Thomas and a baby stroller holding her grandson Cozart at a busy Goucher Boulevard intersection, dragging the child nearly one mile as she sped to her apartment. "Obviously they want things to be done sooner than later."

De Hogue admitted to police that she was in a hurry to get home Dec.

Zwaig also took issue with Officer Manuel Rios? Spanish translation of de Hogue?s waiver of her Miranda rights prior to interrogation."

jmalarkey@baltimoreexaminer. Thomas was injured but survived. Hennegan said he was confident de Hogue, a Mexican immigrant who reads and writes at a fourth-grade level, understood


Baltimore County Circuit Judge John Hennegan rejected defense attorney Ricardo Zwaig?s arguments that de Hogue?s statements should be thrown out because she hadn?t been given her Miranda rights yet.

Self-incriminating statements made by a woman facing manslaughter charges in a hit-and-run accident that killed a Baltimore County toddler can be used as evidence against her, a judge ruled Thursday.

Prosecutor Alan Webster said de Hogue?s defense did not indicate if she will accept the offer, which he said he discussed with the family of 3-year-old Elijah Cozart, the victim. She could face a maximum of 25 years in prison if convicted at trial.

The ruling was a victory for the Cozart family ? who wore buttons bearing Elijah?s picture ? and Rios, who said the case is prompting the police department to address issues with non-English-speaking suspects to avoid similar issues in the future.

"This has been a learning experience forme and this agency," Rios said.

"They were satisfied with it," Webster said.

The trial, originally scheduled for this week, was postponed until September after the prosecution offered Lazara Arellano de Hogue, 40, a 20-year sentence if she pleads guilty cv axe to vehicular manslaughter and felony hit-and-run charges

The speed Freeman speaks of will be key in the T

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The sophomore point guard has rehabbed and is getting back into the swing of things now, as Towson prepares for the Nov.2 points and 4. 11 season opener against Georgetown."



"I was supposed to be doing 75 percent, but when I get in scrimmages, it?s hard to slow down," Freeman said. "Our league is very, very difficult every night, so you have to make sure you do the fundamental things to win. "In scrimmage time, I go full speed. While she hasn?t been on the court for almost a year, she does bring experience to the floor."



The 5-foot-9 guard was a five-time CAA rookie of the week as a freshman, averaging 11. It was the third anterior cruciate ligament injury of her career."

The Colonial Athletic Conference ? with four of the top teams returning most of their talent ? will be difficult on a Towson squad that went 9-19 a year ago."

The speed Freeman speaks of will be key in the Tigers? upcoming season, and with six newcomers on the floor, chemistry will play a role, as well. "We need her on the floor.


 Alis Freeman played in six games, starting five, before her injury last year, averaging 10.


"It?s probably one of our Wheel Hubs quickest, more athletic teams that we?ve put on the court," Towson coach Joe Matthews said.


"Its hard, but you got to do what you got to do," Freeman said of her comeback.5 assists per game. But Freeman sees reason to believe.


That was the reaction of Towson University guard Alis Freeman when she went down with a knee injury early in the regular season last year.7 points and leading the team in assists (129) and steals (89). "We have a lot of newcomers ? and we have a lot of depth now.


 Freeman sat out the 2003-04 season as a medical redshirt with an ACL injury. If we stay away from joint kit injuries, we?ll do pretty well.


"I just went up to catch a ball and landed wrong," said Freeman, who suffered the injury in a game against Drexel.


"If we can get her on the floor at 100-percent strength, she makes a significant impact on this team," Matthews said.


"She hasn?t lost a whole lot, but what she?s gained is a lot more intelligence in how the game is played," Matthews said

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