You might want to customize the board with different  trucks, wheels and exclusive graphics. Under the deck the trucks are put on.Skateboarding has been a popular activity for 5 decades, beginning around 1950 in California as a way to surf the streets when the sea wasn't cooperating with decent waves.  One must swap the Griptape sporadically. 
If you belong to one of the many who enjoy skateboarding or even if you're just a beginner or considering taking up the skating sport, it's great to have  a complete working knowledge of your equipment.  The popularity of skating dropped 10 years later but with the upcoming of polyruethane skateboarding wheels in the seventies,  sympathy in skating was repaired.  The underside commonly comes with graphics printed on it, which you might want to adjust, and often there might be labels or different colors on the upside, too.

One should oversee the board every once in a while to make sure that the bolts are tight, the wheels are spinning freely and the entire parts are tight mounted.  Griptape which is made from medium range sandpaper is mounted on top of the deck to provide grip.
resource.  You want to check the parts sporadically to make sure there are no loose parts.Finally, there are bolts that go on the end of the axles and hold the bearings, spacer and wheels in place.The most obvious part of a skateboard is the board itself, called deck.  The bearings allow the wheels to spin.

Skateboard wheels are available in different diameters and materials and are available in different designs and print. Thus you should  give full care to their service. Spacers are attached on each wheel, which are pieces of metal, that parts the two bearings in each wheel. One of the great things about skateboarding is that you can change your board effortlessly and it's not that pricely.  That's when the "Ollie" maneuver was invented by Alan Gelfand and skater catched on, on what a skater could do.  You might want to customize it to fit your style and adjust the skateboards looks if you are aware of how everything works. Trucks consist of several main parts, which are the axles, the baseplate, the bushings and the kingping.  Being familiar with the names and functions of all the different skateboard parts gives you the ability to maintain and modify your board. Gelfand enlisted to the Skateboard Hall of Fame in 2002 for his addition to the skate culture. The trucks grip the metal axles on which the wheels are put on.  The type of skateboard wheels you decide on,  depends on the preferred skate style.  Regular routine maintenance might prevent accidents and makes your board more safe