They are not able to carry radial loads are thus are found mostly in turning tables or platforms and farming equipments. Hence, we can say that it is due to bearing which makes device weave, rotate or run. But this bearing is not capable enough to carry thrust loads at any particular degree. They are generally used gear sets like car transmission between housing and the rotating shafts and gear sprockets. They are the most ordinary type of bearing available in the market. 

Bearings are highly used in products like automobiles, computers, airplanes, tools for construction, machines, DVD players, ceiling fans and refrigerators. This type of bearings is generally used in cars wheel hubs, where they are fixed in pairs placed in reverse direction giving them capabilities to thrust load in mutual direction. These are capable to manage constant and shock loads. 

Bearings should be capable to provide maximum accuracy, consistency and toughness along with efficiency to revolve at high speed with negligible sound and tremor. 

There is a cutaway in the taper roller designed with the angular mounting giving proficiency to bear dual load. 

Types of Bearings:

 They are able to take radial and thrust loads. The movements of bearings are divided into two parts that can be either rotary or linear. 

The spiral gear contains angled-teeth play important role in transmission which helps in carrying high thrust loads.Roller Bearings:

Roller bearing is used in the devices like conveyer belt roller to carry intense radial loads. Linear has a movement of surface moving along with another where else; rotary has a shaft rotating with a circular mount.Ball Bearings:

Ball bearings are perhaps the most known and widely used bearings..What are Bearings?

Bearings are those components which are highly engineered; that enable a machine to run at very high speed and carry high amount of loads easily and efficiently. 

Thrust Ball Bearings:

Thrust ball bearings are generally used in the devices with comparatively lower speed which do not require much accuracy.Roller Thrust Bearings:

Roller thrust bearings are designed specially to carry heavy and huge thrust loads.  This makes the bearing to spread the load in a larger area to carry heavy and large amount of loads.